Avia Nordic AB is the authorized AERO AT-3 & AT-4 dealer for Scandinavia.

The AT-3 is an EASA certified aircraft in the VLA (Very Light Aircraft) category (normal-category in countries without VLA-class). It is manufactured by AERO AT Sp z o.o. in Mielec, Poland in a new state-of-the art production facility.

Built to the highest certified standards, the AT-3 represents the best value and building quality of any aircraft in its class and price category.

The AT-3 has been specifically designed for the role of flight training. It offers a robust, durable metal construction, combined with excellent aerodynamics, impressive performance and easy handling.  Economy of operation and maintenance are also core features of the AT-3.

  • Designed for flight training
  • Lowest cost per-hour certified aircraft
  • 16 l/hr unleaded Mogas or Avgas
  • Easy to maintain
  • 400 hours / 2 years warranty
  • Short take-off and landing
  • Safe to fly, benign stall
  • Fully spin tested
  • Excellent visibility from the cockpit
  • Low noise, only 65 dB
  • Great tourer
  • No UV and temperature sensitive

The AT-3 is certified for Day-VFR operation, the Night-VFR certification is during final stage and can be ordered now.
AT-3 is today used for basic training around the Europe e.g. UK, France, Germany, Spain, Poland.

The AT-4 is EASA approved LSA-type aircraft to fly in Europe and for now can only be used for non-commercial operations until the European LSA regulations will be released. The AT-4 is manufactured in accordance to the US Light Sport Aircraft Specification with MTOW of 600 kg. The AT-4 structure has a longer wingspan in comparison to AT-3, altered wing profile and spar, additional winglets and fillets between the wing leading edge and the fuselage. The AT-4 is approved for Night-VFR and one turn spins. ILS approach procedures can also be trained on the AT-4. The At-4 is manufactured on the same production line that produces AT-3 certified aircraft.

Whether your desire is for an EASA-VLA certified rugged low-wing trainer for a flying school or sleek personal cross country LSA flyer to expand your horizons the AT-series aircraft is the best all-metal aircraft in its class.